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Callicrate WEE Bander™ Kit

Callicrate WEE Bander™ Kit

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Item #5100 - 12 x 3 x 2

For early castration
(Newborn to 6 wks.)

Callicrate WEE Bander™
5 WEE Loops™
Loop Stretcher

Introduced in 2011, the Callicrate WEE Bander™ is the only high tension bander available for castrating newborns.  Achieving adequate tightness is the single most essential requirement in reducing stress, according to animal welfare experts like Colorado State University animal science professor Temple Grandin.

The WEE Bander™ can be used on calves, kids, and lambs.  When stretched, the WEE Loop™ opens to approximately a 1 ½” triangle.  If the testicles fit, it works.  The WEE normally works well on calves up to six weeks of age.  Castration with the lightweight WEE Bander™ is effective and bloodless, and requires no manual cutting or crimping of the loop.  The WEE Bander™ can also be used to dock tails on sheep and for removing small horns.

One satisfied customer, who had used little green bands for years, stated that the Callicrate WEE Bander™ ‘has proven to be one of the most beneficial tools in our toolbox’.  ‘The recovery time after banding has been cut in half.  We have banded close to a thousand wethers with the WEE Bander and we can confidently say they don’t go off feed and we can count on two hands the number of infected scrotums we have had.  If you are in the business of raising lambs or goats, this is the one tool you must invest in.’

The WEE comes in a box with 5 WEE Loops™ and a Loop Stretcher.  The WEE Bander™ is warranted to be free of defects in material, manufacture, or assembly for a period of five years. Unauthorized repair; or damage due to abuse, misuse, or neglect is not covered.